Praise for safe house program

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Praise for safe house program

The decision to provide homes with security to help ensure safe passage from Canada may be viewed as a safety-first measure, but some of the victims of the asylum-seeker crisis have praised the security measures put in place.

After reviewing the safety of the program in the summer of 2015, the federal government announced that it would offer homes in Vancouver and Hamilton with a “secure residence” designation in place by early 2016. Homeowners can be assessed on security grounds, but are not required to demonstrate their ability to meet the conditions of the program.

An estimated 12,000 Canadians have signed up to make refugee claims, many of whom are from countries with poor human rights record or have been involved in violent conflicts.

In an open letter last year, Vancouver Conservative MP Peter Van Loan expressed concerns about the safety and security of the new program.

“To offer refuge to an asylum seeker is a moral matter. To send them back to their home of origin would send a strong message to Canada: This is a country we take seriously, and we have done far more t카지노 사이트o protect you and your family from being torn apart by an out-of-control refugee crisis than just about any country in the world,” Van Loan wrote in June 2015.

Van Loan, however, is now among those who have expressed concerns about the proposed new safe house programs. “The Safe Houses fgospelhitzor Refugees program is clearly a political decision to protect the reputation of the Liberal party,” he said.

A senior Liberal policy adviser said on우리카지노 Tuesday he had not yet read the letter, but he is concerned the program will encourage Canadians to question the value and necessity of refugees.

“I’m just worried about public perception,” he said.